My Irish Jacket



When I travel I like to buy fabric as a souvenir and make something that will remind me of a special time and place.  This jacket is Vogue 1467 and is made from wool that I bought at Avoca mill which is the oldest existing mill in Ireland.  The countryside is beautiful and sheep were grazing not far away. There are still a few hand looms so we were able to see hand weaving in action.  I love having the fabric from this mill with its history.



I have had my eye on Vogue 1467 ever since the McCalls sew-along in 2014.  By reading all the posts from that effort I avoided some of the pitfalls which might have been associated with this pattern.  For instance, I used fusible interfacing which I extended only to the seam lines.  The one time I had a problem with bulk was when I did the buttonholes at the end.  My Bernina balked.  It just would not stitch them no matter what adjustments I made.  My Babylock A-line Grace came to the rescue and stitched without a hitch.  I love that machine.  Believe it or not, I won that machine in a drawing at a local fabric store many years ago.


The lining is silk that I bought at Promenade Fine Fabrics in New Orleans on another trip.  It feels very good against my skin.  I especially like the design of the back of this jacket.  I may use that at some point on another garment.  This was not a difficult jacket to sew, probably because I had all the advice of other sewists before I even started.  I know I will enjoy wearing it as it is just the right weight for our Dallas winters.




  1. Hello, isn’t it such good fun to find like-minded world travellers who also enjoy making their own clothes, especially from local finds?
    This is really and truly a souvenir from your genuine travels. I hope you had a good time and were made to feel welcome here. Ruth


    • I was just looking at your post this morning about your camping sewing. I even showed my husband the pictures of the boring camp gear alongside of your beautiful colored camping clothes and told him that this was a great thing about sewing. Good to hear from you.


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